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Re: [Xen-devel] BUG grant_table.c line 939

On 24 Jan 2006, at 17:03, King, Steven R wrote:

Hi Keir, thanks for helping.
I'm not using shadow tables. Before the Xen crash, Xen kills both of my
domUs via arch/x86/mm.c line 614.  Apparently my domUs are misbehaving
by not explicitly unmapping granted pages.  Because of the
domain_crash() call in mm.c, no form of put_page() is ever called for
the mapping.  Is this info helpful?

The domain is not immediately killed when it crashes, and should still be returned by find_domain_by_id() for example.

When this crashed domain is finally killed by the control tools, it will then have all its page tables destructed, and that should find and destroy and foreign mappings (calling put_page as appropriate). See domain_relinquish_resources().

 -- Keir

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