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Re: [Xen-devel] Control tools work


I've done a pull and now see the functionality in XendCheckpoint.py; thanks for 
the heads-up.

But how do you see things outside of xm & xend accessing this functionality?  
In particular, I'm thinking of a CIMOM provider written in C++.  
Forking/exec-ing an "xm migrate" command is less than ideal, for several 
reasons (progress reporting, error reporting without having to grok text, 
overhead on a busy server, ...)  In my ideal world, this level of functionality 
would be in C or C++ libraries, so you can put whatever you want on top of it, 
be it Python commands or C++ CIMOM code or anything else.

I don't necessarily want to revive the old Python debate, but this does 
complicate things.


>>>christian.limpach@xxxxxxxxx 05/31/05 3:07 pm >>> 
On 5/31/05, Charles Coffing <ccoffing@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 
>1. Providing a higher-level consistent API for domain actions 
>(create, save, migrate, restore, pause, etc). 
I'm no longer convinced there is a much higher API to have. Except 
for create and migrate, all the actions you list are already single 
functions in libxc, migrate is save | restore. It might be useful to 
group several functions together for create, but it's not quite clear 
how/where device configuration fits in there. 
>I'm refactoring / rewriting / writing code in xutil, libxc, and xfrd 
>(although it wouldn't be hard to slip libxen in there instead of libxc 
>if that is the ultimate direction). I hope to have something to show 
>in a week or two. 
Please note that xfrd does no longer exist in -unstable. Also we 
don't use libxutil anymore. 
Xend handles the first half of a relocation itself and then runs the 
xc_save or xc_restore helper programs to do the second part. During 
the first part of a relocation, the xend domain configuration is 
exchanged and the format of this part is specific to xend. The 
xc_save and xc_restore helpers are merely wrappers for the 
xc_linux_save and xc_linux_restore functions and use pipes to 
communicate with xend and write/read the virtual machine image to/from 
a file handle or socket. 
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