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Re: [Xen-devel] Control tools work

Charles Coffing wrote:

> 2.  Making the tools/libraries agnostic w.r.t. the guest OS type.

I recently created a small Xen guest that is able to build a guest OS
from a ramdisk containing a stage2 loader and a kernel image. My goal is
to have it load from a block device or the network as well as from the
ram disk. Starting my guest instead of vmlinuz directly would allow
unification of domain builders from the dom0 perspective, and would
prevent ELF-parsing attacks on dom0. The same guest would be used for
reviving checkpoints, so there would not need to be a special linux_load
(linux_save can be handled using self-checkpointing to a raw device btw).

If there is interest I can post the source.


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