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RE: [Xen-devel] ac_timer: time to say goodbye?

> Is there ever any more than one or two elements in the queue?
> What is the total set of functions called by the queue?

You could potentially have two, and in future possibly even three,
timeouts per domain.

> I suspect that the whole functionality of it can be replaced 
> with a couple of time variables that are checked and 
> manipulated in the timer interrupt code and a single 
> scheduler/timer routine in the generic scheduler.

What would you propose instead of an array heap? A linked list? 
Sounds daft to me.

> Not urgent, but if this is the right direction, we shouldn't 
> be layering more code on top of it (thus the suggestion of 
> deprecating it).

ac_timer seems like a perfrectly good abstraction, and I can think of no
reason to deprecate it.


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