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RE: [Xen-devel] ac_timer: time to say goodbye?

> We are going to strip out the periodic ticker entirely (at least in 
> arch/x86) and have just a programmable one-shot timer. We 
> need to keep 
> track of what is the nearest event we care about so we know what to 
> program into the one-shot timer.

Yes, this is exactly what Xen/ia64 does today.
> I think the interface could be simplified a little (fold 
> mod_ac_timer/add_ac_timer into a single function, for 
> example), but the 
> implementation is already very pared down. I image it would 
> hardly save 
> 100 lines, or bytes of hypervisor code, to replace the heap with a 
> list, for example.

With the periodic ticker gone, all that's really left for
ac_timer is a Xen scheduler interrupt (I think).

Is the Xen scheduler interrupt per-cpu or is there a "monarch"?
If the latter, the usage of ac_timer keeps a'dwindling.

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