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RE: [Xen-devel] ac_timer: time to say goodbye?

> > I suspect that the whole functionality of it can be replaced 
> > with a couple of time variables that are checked and 
> > manipulated in the timer interrupt code and a single 
> > scheduler/timer routine in the generic scheduler.
> What would you propose instead of an array heap? A linked list? 
> Sounds daft to me.

You misunderstand.  I'm not proposing a different abstraction,
I'm questioning whether an abstraction is necessary at all.

> You could potentially have two, and in future possibly even three,
> timeouts per domain.

I agree that if there are three or more unique uses for
the abstraction (or will be in the future), an abstraction
is goodness.  If there are two, it's probably borderline.
If there is one, an abstraction seems like overkill; just
use a (possibly per-domain or per-vcpu) variable and if statements.

It sounds/looks like the number is getting smaller, especially
with the periodic ticker going away.

No offense intended to the designer/coder of ac_timer, I'm
just noticing a trend.

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