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Re: [Xen-devel] lxr.xensource.com ?

On Wed, 2005-05-18 at 16:36, aq wrote:
> but why you layout the code differently from the way it layouts when
> untar? i am used to lxr.linux.no, so i got confused when first seen
> lxr.xensource.com. perhaps layout it in normal way will solve this
> problem?

The layout isn't really different, we just index different parts of the
tree separately. LXR can only handle separate index domains as separate
trees hence the view we get.

The "normal way" at lxr.linux.no is fine if you just have linux trees.
We *could* just index the whole of the -unstable or -testing release as
a single large tree, including Xen, the tools, both linux versions, both
BSD versions, but, as mentioned before, that crossreferences stuff that
really doesn't relate at the C symbol level.

> about updating the site, i guess only -unstable needs to be updated
> often. -testing is more stable and needs to care less.

Good point. Let's go with daily for -unstable and weekly for -testing.
I'll make the changes tomorrow.



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