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Re: [Xen-devel] lxr.xensource.com ?

On Wed, 2005-05-18 at 07:27, aq wrote: 
> looks like lxr.xensource.com is not completed? nobody here takes care this 
> site?

We do monitor the top level and a selection of key pages, just not every
single page.


How did you come by this URL - was it a link from another LXR page (in
which case we need to fix it) or way it manually crafted?

On Wed, 2005-05-18 at 08:20, aq wrote:
> On 5/18/05, Andrew Warfield <andrew.warfield@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Tools are there, the paths in lxr are just a little strange.  The olls
> > is at the root of the top-level tools tree, rather than being under
> > unstable as it is in the real repository.  If you look here:
> > 
> >   http://lxr.xensource.com/lxr-unstable/source/?v=tools-xen-unstable
> > 
> > you should find them.

This came from a desire from some developers to not have crosslinking
between e.g. Xen and tools and Xen and Linux where similar symbols may
used but aren't related.

> i checked again, looks like you have just fixed all the links. it is
> allright now.

Strange, no changes have been made during the course of this

> the only problem is the -unstable is not updated very often.

We run the updates weekly. I'm happy to increase the frequency of this
if there is the demand.

As ever, suggestions, fault reports, etc. are welcome.



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