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Re: [Xen-devel] memory mapping

Oops, sorry, that was supposed to be send to Keir directly. Please ignore.


> Hi there!
> You were in a meeting half an hour ago (or so), so instead of asking in
> person I am writing this email.
> I am looking at the memory mapping done from a privileged domain, and I am
> getting a bit lost in the call stack. Could you possibly fill in the
> missing gap (hopefully I did not get everything wrong :) ):
> xc_map_foreign_range   (userspace dom0)
> ioctl (userspace dom0)
> privcmd_ioctl (kernelspace dom0)
> direct_remap_area_pages (kernelspace dom0)
> __HYPERVISOR_do_mmu_update ?
> ....
> do_mmu_update (Xen)
> Also, when dom0 decides to unmap some memory, isn't it that domain just
> drops appropirate entry from its pagetable and Xen is not even informed?
> This would mean that the counter we talked about could not be really made
> to work that easily.
> What if I wanted to force dom0 to drop some mapping. Any simple way of
> doing that?
> Thanks
> Gregor

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