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[Xen-devel] memory mapping

Hi there!

You were in a meeting half an hour ago (or so), so instead of asking in person 
I am writing this email.

I am looking at the memory mapping done from a privileged domain, and I am 
getting a bit lost in the call stack. Could you possibly fill in the missing 
gap (hopefully I did not get everything wrong :) ):

xc_map_foreign_range   (userspace dom0)
ioctl (userspace dom0)

privcmd_ioctl (kernelspace dom0)
direct_remap_area_pages (kernelspace dom0)
__HYPERVISOR_do_mmu_update ?

do_mmu_update (Xen)

Also, when dom0 decides to unmap some memory, isn't it that domain just drops 
appropirate entry from its pagetable and Xen is not even informed? This would 
mean that the counter we talked about could not be really made to work that 
What if I wanted to force dom0 to drop some mapping. Any simple way of doing 


Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum viditur --- Anon

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