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Re: [Xen-devel] atropos again


Thanks for the response.

BTW, Could anyone answer my question aobut the current status of Atropos
scheduler I sent a couple of days ago

I've ported the scheduler to the unstable tree, and it will hopefully
get checked in in the near future! (*prod*)

The scheduler you mean is the atropos replacement you develop or just
atropos? If it is the former, what is the name of the replacement? Can I
just use "sched=<name>" as what I use for other scheduler to enable it?
Sinced it has been ported to the unstable tree, can I assume the testing
tree has been ported as well?

It is quite versatile, you can compile it so that it just does Atropos,
but it can do much more ;-) The current name for the thing is 'sedf'
which originated from Simple-EDF, but probably it's time now to call it
'Smart-EDF' or come up with a more reasonable name in general!

As it is not yet in the repositories you can't use it though...

ATM there is also a version for the testing tree, but as I said they are
not in the main repos yet.

To clarify: even if I use "bk clone bk://xen.bkbits.net/xen-2.0-testing.bk" to get the latest testing tree, I will not find sedf scheduler because it has not been included yet.

It is still unclear to me if Atropos scheduler in the above testing tree works correctly or still buggy as pointed out by previous posts 2 month ago.

Thanks again for your help.



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