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Re: [Xen-devel] atropos again


Thanks for the reply.

> > Is there anyway (some command I type in the commandline) I can find
> > which scheudler is currently used by Xen?
> You might wish to have a look at the boot output by Xen, either at an
> attached serial console or by 'xm dmsg'. It tells you which scheduler
> was used during the startup of the machine.


> > BTW, Could anyone answer my question aobut the current status of Atropos
> > scheduler I sent a couple of days ago
> I've ported the scheduler to the unstable tree, and it will hopefully
> get checked in in the near future! (*prod*)

The scheduler you mean is the atropos replacement you develop or just
atropos? If it is the former, what is the name of the replacement? Can I
just use "sched=<name>" as what I use for other scheduler to enable it?
Sinced it has been ported to the unstable tree, can I assume the testing
tree has been ported as well?

Thanks again for the help.


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