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Re: [Xen-devel] happy happy happy

Mark Williamson wrote:
harvee-xeno init.d # hwclock --show
hwclock is unable to get I/O port access:  the iopl(3) call failed.

This is a domU, right?


That's normal - you don't want them to be able to set the hardware clock. By default, they'll all use the time from Xen, which can be maintained by running ntp in dom0.

OK. That makes sense. Just to make sure I understand, set up ntp in dom0 and automatically all of the domU machines will get the correct time?

sounds also like it's time to start modifying the clock script to detect xen environments and act appropriately. They are to have such a special case handler for uml so it should be a big deal to do the same here.

I seem to remember the key mappings thing is also normal for a domU and you can just turn the script off.

I will verify and report back.

one other thing I noticed was that when I try to use Reiser FS, I kept
getting exceptions from the journaling code.  So I decided to take the
cowards way out and switch to ext3.

That's perculiar - you shouldn't have a problem here. Other people are running ReiserFS OK.

I know. I thought I was safe but apparently my gift for making things fail reared its ugly head again. it's great when you're trying to exercise something but it really sucks when you are just trying to get a job done.

now the exceptions may have been a fault of my own doing because there is a high probability I did not have my domU filesystem fully set up with udev.

Shouldn't be udev either - it'd be interesting to see if you can mount ReiserFS filesystems when everything's up and running.

I can mount it okay but when I stress it with heavy activity such as emerge --sync, it fails.

maybe I should send a copy of sda.. it's only 4 or 5 GB.  ;-)



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