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Re: [Xen-devel] happy happy happy

Jon Mason wrote:

I see the same errors on my gentoo installation running DevFS.

it shows errors I'm not comfortable with. For example, it says is unable to set the system clock yet the time is set correctly. This messages from the clock init script.

harvee-xeno init.d # hwclock --show
hwclock is unable to get I/O port access:  the iopl(3) call failed.

udev quirk or something more sinister? in either case, turning off the clock init script should help except for the fact that you can't turn off the clock script without doing more invasive surgery.

the next set of errors come from the consolefont script. turning it off makes those errors go away. I suspect the key mappings error is similarly solvable but I just haven't had the time to dig back into it.

one other thing I noticed was that when I try to use Reiser FS, I kept getting exceptions from the journaling code. So I decided to take the cowards way out and switch to ext3. now the exceptions may have been a fault of my own doing because there is a high probability I did not have my domU filesystem fully set up with udev. In any case, onward and upward.

emerge --sync works so I am hopeful



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