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Re: [Xen-devel] Calculating real cpu usage of Xen domains correctly!

> I think what's happening is that cpu_time is being updated even if the 
> domain is blocked. Looking in xen/common/schedule.c:__enter_scheduler(), 

> the update to cpu_time is still being updated even if SCHED_OP(do_block, 

> prev) is invoked.

My quick perusal of the current xeno-unstable code suggests that this 
SCHED_OP call is a null call.  The SCHED_OP macro attempts to call the 
"do_block" function pointed to in the "struct scheduler sched_bvt_def" 
array, but this function pointer is never initialized, so it just does a 

It appears that what your patch does is limit when cpu_time gets updated, 
such that the time only gets updated when the exec_domain is in the 
BLOCKED state:

    if ( test_bit(EDF_BLOCKED, &prev->ed_flags) )
        prev->cpu_time += now - prev->lastschd;

But what does the BLOCKED state mean?  This isn't well documented: "Block 
the currently-executing domain until a pertinent event occurs."  The 
BLOCKED flag appears to be set by the "SCHEDOP_block" hypervisor call, 
which is triggered from the guest domains inside the xen_idle() call. Here 
is some code from xen_idle in process.c:

        } else if (set_timeout_timer() == 0) {
                /* NB. Blocking reenable events in a race-free manner. */
        } else {

What this seems to be saying (in regard to your patch working) is that the 
cpu_time is updated when the domain relinquishes the CPU by block()ing, 
but cpu_time doesn't get updated if it relinquishes the CPU by yield()ing.

I wonder why this works.  Is anyone familiar with block() vs yield(), that 
could lend some insight into what's going on? 


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