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[Xen-devel] Re: General questions on IA64 porting

Thanks, Mark, for the replies.  I'll add only a couple
of comments:

> Q: When IA64 support will be officially available ?

Depends on what you mean by "support".  If you mean that
it works approximately as well as Xen/ia32 (perhaps with
some missing functionality such as no SMP guests), that
will hopefully happen in the next few months.  If you
mean support as in buying a support contract such as
Xensource might provide, I'd imagine that will be quite
a while longer.

> Q: So why IA64 porting is based on Linux 2.6 kernel ? What is the reason ?

Xen/x86 utilized portions of Linux from approx 2.4.9.
At that point Linux/ia64 support was largely experimental;
many many problems have been fixed since then.  So I
had to use another version and decided to start with
2.6.x rather than 2.4.x.  As Mark points out, 2.6 support
will be available very soon in RHEL4 and is already
available (I think) in Suse.


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