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[Xen-devel] Re: General questions on IA64 porting

> 8) How can I help 
> you in the IA64 porting and/or testing ?

Sorry, I forgot to reply to this question.  One thing
that would be useful would be some work on the serial
I/O code.  Right now, I bypass the UART code in
drivers/char/{serial,console}.c because it does
inb/outb calls to addresses that are incorrect on
ia64.  Instead I have a horrible hack that puts out
characters through a routine that is known to work
only on the HP rx2600 and ski simulator.  And even for
these it only does output so there's no way to control
Xen/ia64.  Since I don't have access to any machines
other than these, it would be hard for me to test any

If you have another type of ia64 machine and especially
if you have a good hardware debugger (as its very hard
to debug code when you have no output at all :-), getting
this code to be more portable would be a big contribution.

If possible it would be nice to leverage the existing
Xen/x86 code.  There were also a number of recent
"early printk" changes in Linux/ia64 2.6.10 that might
be useful, however it would not be good to pull in all
the Linux tty struct code just to support basic serial


Dan Magenheimer

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