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[Xen-devel] bug in LDT error checking on stable branch

do_mmu_update blindly assumes that setting the LDT will always succeed:
          if ( ents != 0 )
                percpu_info[cpu].deferred_ops |= DOP_RELOAD_LDT;

further down:
   if ( deferred_ops & DOP_RELOAD_LDT )

if xen thinks that one of the pages passed is mapped r/w somewhere the
operation will fail:
/* Map shadow page at offset @off. */
int map_ldt_shadow_page(unsigned int off)

    if ( unlikely(!(l1e & _PAGE_PRESENT)) ||
         unlikely(!get_page_and_type(&frame_table[l1e >> PAGE_SHIFT],
                                     d, PGT_ldt_page)) )
        return 0;


The user won't know about it until he re-loads a segment register or
successfully infers what operation the "Bad type" messages on the
console refer to.

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