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Re: [Xen-devel] Cannot connect to console?

aq wrote:
what does `nc localhost 9613`? in other words, are you able to connect
to the TCP port that console is bound to? does option "-c" for `xend
create` work?

ah, I forgot to tell you that the problem I got was with -c option (xm
create tty.xen -c)

here is the output of my attempt to connect to tcp socket, as suggested by Jan:
$ nc localhost 9602
Cannot connect to console 13 on domain 2
as you see, the problem still occurs.

then I tried again, this time without -c option. and I was surprised
to see that "xm console tty" works (!!).

so I conclude that this is the expected behaviour of Xen: if I want to
connect to console with "xm console", then I must not use "-c" option?

no. something is wrong :-). I'm not a xen developer, but I'll suggest you to try to run xend with some debugging options...

Aren't you trying to access domain's console twice at once? I mean console opened from "-c" option and then issuing `xend console ...`. It shouldn't work, AFAIK.


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