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Re: [Xen-devel] xen 2.0 testing idle_loop -and -03

> >> 1) extreme slowness
> >
> > Is this in DOM0 or some other domain? If it looks like I/O slowness,
> > have any network or disc microbenchmarks (e.g., net/disc bandwidth or
> > latency) got much worse?
> dom0, i tried to compile kernel and it was like 10-100 times slower... but 
> I got impression that it was because the disk was heavily trashing.. it 
> seemed like the 45 out of the 65mb disappeared somewhere, and the 
> remainining 15 was just not enough to compile kernel (in fact oom-killer 
> killed my sshd twice).

'cat /proc/xen/balloon' will tell you how much memory your domain has.
You'll see the current allocation is somewhat less than the 'requested
target'. This is because the backend I/O drivers steal some kernel
address space and the RAM that was mapped in that space is freed back
to Xen. I wouldn't expect the current allocation to be more than maybe
6MB lower than the 64MB target though.

Also, what does 'cat /proc/meminfo' look like?

> >> 2) won't boot on p3 with compiled for for cyrix
> >
> > Has that ever worked? I did recently fix a problem with
> > CONFIG_X86_USE_3DNOW, so were you testing a very up to date version of
> > the repository? If you are totally stuck send me your .config and I
> > can build and test.
> yeah, it worked just fine on xen 2.0 release. I could compile kernel with 
> CONFIG_MCYRIXIII and then run the same kernel on both P3 and via (with 
> some special patches). This time the kernel bombed on P3 (have not tried 
> it on via).
> the repository was as of yesterday.

I'll try building with CYRIXIII selected. If that works for me then I
guess it must be something else in your config.

 -- Keir

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