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Re: [Xen-devel] Re: x86_64 progress?

> Ian Pratt wrote:
> >>> Anything at all for x86_64 users?
> >>
> >> We'll announce it when it's ready for testing. It's not due on the
> >> roadmap until Q2, but there will be testing versions earlier.
> >
> > Toa void confusion I should probably have also said "Of course,
> > standard x86 xen/linux works fine on x86_64 boxen, you just don't
> > get all that 64 bit goodness..."
> I think this was discussed already, but I couldn't find the exact
> answer - was x86_64 (AMD64, EM64T) port supposed to be able run 32-bit
> guests (domain1+) on a 64-bit host (domain0)?
> I ask this because I have a very broken driver for an ADSL PCI card
> (source driver, not binary, luckily) - it does not like SMP at all,
> and I am guessing it does not like 64-bit any more. So unless I come
> up with a way to use that card on a 64-bit host, I can't upgrade.

We will only (at least initially) support 64-bit paravirtual guests on
64-bit Xen. Of course you can run 32-bit apps over the 64-bit guest OS
using the existing compatibility layer.

We will also probably support 32-bit unmodified guests running in
fully virtualised mode on Xen64.

 -- Keir

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