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Re: [Xen-devel] uClibc

Jerome Brown wrote:

What size does this run at? I am looking to make dom0 as small as possible, and run all the applications that I require under other domains, to allow moving them to other machines if required.

I would image this to be the sum of Xen, a XenLinux with the TCP-stack removed, and a few hundred kilobytes of initrd with my tools.

How does the XenLinux self-migration differ from the Xen managed migration? What are the advantages of each option. I have only just started to look into this, so am not stuck to a specific way of doing things at this stage :)

Self-migration means that the unprivileged domain uses its own resources (pager and TCP stack are the main ones), to checkpoint itself onto another host. There are pros and cons to both approaches, I refer you to my SIGOPS European Workshop paper, available from http://www.diku.dk/~jacobg/ for more details.

How do the resources used differ? Is Xend currently in python? Is there a plan to change this? What has been the reasoning behind developing it in python?

I am not sure what the exact reasoning behind this decision was, but I am sure other people on this list would like to comment. I rewrote all my own tools in C a while back, something I do not regret at this point.

From what I hear dom0 with Xend needs 32-64 megs to run. In my setup 4 megs should be a realistic target.

I'd love to help. I like the idea of a 'self installing' dom0 that sets up another control domain, thereby abstracting all the running processes into unprivileged domains for security reasons. As part of this I will look to create a HowTo document that details how I acheive this :)

See if you can get any of the stuff on my page to run (both sources and binaries are provided), and feel free to ask questions if you can't (though I am on my way home fairly soon).

Best regards,

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