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Re: [Xen-devel] uClibc

Jacob Gorm Hansen wrote:
I don't think Xen itself is compiled against any libc. I have a busybox-based (though using glibc right now) initrd which you can use for your unprivileged domains. You can download it from http://www.diku.dk/~jacobg/self-migration/

What size does this run at? I am looking to make dom0 as small as possible, and run all the applications that I require under other domains, to allow moving them to other machines if required.

I am working on exactly the same thing, though I am using self-migration in XenLinux rather than the managed migration in Xen. I am already able to migrate to a minimal Xen-host (the network-facing privileged code is about 50 lines of C, there is not even a TCP/IP stack running), and I am currenly working on being able to create new domains using the same mechanism (almost there).

How does the XenLinux self-migration differ from the Xen managed migration? What are the advantages of each option. I have only just started to look into this, so am not stuck to a specific way of doing things at this stage :)

I am currently on Xen 1.3, because the current Xend is too resource-hungry and complex for my needs. I am crossing my fingers for someone to implement the basics of Xend in C, and when that happens I plan to move to Xen 2.0.

How do the resources used differ? Is Xend currently in python? Is there a plan to change this? What has been the reasoning behind developing it in python?

Input and cooperation is welcomed.

I'd love to help. I like the idea of a 'self installing' dom0 that sets up another control domain, thereby abstracting all the running processes into unprivileged domains for security reasons. As part of this I will look to create a HowTo document that details how I acheive this :)



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