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[Xen-devel] xen-unstable.bk

For the last few months, the xen-unstable.bk tree has been very
similar to the 2.0-testing.bk tree. That's about to change, as
it's now time for xen-unstable.bk to break away and see some
major changes in preparation for the 3.0 release Q2 next
year. SMP guest support is the first item on the agenda.

We will be bumping the hypervisor interface version number when
the break away happens. This will mean that the 2.x series
hypervisor and guests won't work with with the unstable
series. Backward compatibility may be added later, but we don't
want the debugging confusion that mixing versions could
potentially cause. 

The unstable tree is likely to go through a few weeks of real
instability before things settle down. There may be periods where
major items like Linux 2.4 support and migration don't even
compile, but I hope these won't last for long. In short, if
you've got into the habit of running production servers on the
unstable series, now would be a really good time to switch to the
2.0 series :-)

As regards the 2.x series, we're planning on releasing 2.0.2 in a
couple of days, as soon as we've got to the bottom of the
compiler version issue that seems to cause problems for
suspend/resume. We're still aiming for a 2.1 release in Q1 that
will have the PCI/IOAPIC/ACPI changes that should help with some
of the hardware compatibility issues that some people have
reported. See the roadmap for details.


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