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[Xen-devel] Re: xen-unstable.bk

> The unstable tree is likely to go through a few weeks of real
> instability before things settle down. There may be periods where
> major items like Linux 2.4 support and migration don't even
> compile, but I hope these won't last for long. In short, if
> you've got into the habit of running production servers on the
> unstable series, now would be a really good time to switch to the
> 2.0 series 

Is there anyway (using bk magic or otherwise) to get a guaranteed
unchanging version of a Xen release?  Since all three trees
periodically get updated for bug fixes, its hard to create a
patch which applies cleanly to any Xen release because the bits
may change from one day to the next.

If not, perhaps its time to switch to a release model like
kernel.org where there are fixed-forever releases and patches
are provided to apply for latest bug fixes?


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