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Re: [Xen-devel] lvm

On Jul 14, 2004, at 2:49 PM, Ian Pratt wrote:

At least I'm not totally off-track...

Your config looks sane and Xend appears to be doing the right thing. I notice you're running devfs in the guest domain. There have been problems with this
in the past - could you try disabling it?

Well spotted. devfs is almost certainly the problem.

Anyone understand devfs enough to know where we need to calls to
the blkif/frontend driver so that the imported device gets

I wouldn't even worry about it. devfs is deprecated in 2.6 and barely even works there. gentoo is the only distro I know that still to some extent "depends" on devfs being present by default, and that's deprecated once you get the machine up and running with the latest updates.

"sysfs/hotplug/udev" is where it's at in the 2.6 world.

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