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Re: [Xen-devel] windows

> I was wondering what the current state is with windows on xen?

I don't think we're ever likely to see the current port available
on 'general release'.

It may (or may not) be possible to re-implement the XP port as
just a new HAL, exploiting Xen's shadow pagetable support. It's
something to look in to...

> Secondly, i had a go at building the vmware vmmon kernel module
> within dom0. It built ok, but trying to insert it into the running
> kernel with insmod caused a segmentation fault from insmod, and
> left the module in an initialising state, unusable, and also unable
> to be removed without a reboot. I was wondering if anyone else has
> had a go at this and had better luck?

vmmon assumes its running in ring 0 on the bare metal. There's no
chance of VMware running under Xen (as opposed to the other way
round). Our aim with XenLinux was to implement the full user
space binary API. vmmon would require a very complete x86
virtualization to work.  [Incidentally, does VMware even work


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