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Re: [Xen-devel] knoppix - request for help.

" If anyone has any prior experience with this it would be great to
" have their help.

yeah I learned a bit about knoppix this spring.  I made a nfsroot
partition from knoppix 3.3 that would boot xen-1.2.  I didn't use the
official remaster procedure, and am not familiar with that.  The biggest
hitch is that knoppix uses a custom kernel module to read
their compressed file system format.  So this module would be yet another
patch for xenolinux.

" 'knx-hdinstall'. I presume that gives you something approximating
" a Debian install?

yep the hard drive install feature puts a Debian system on disk.

"  * switch from isolinux to grub with iso support (isolinux can't
" handle multiboot kernels)

I believe that the grub iso support only plays nice with some BIOSes.
The knoppix ISO uses the El Torito option (BIOS boots a floppy image on the 
CD emulating a floppy drive), and grub ISO only does no-emulation mode.
El Torito is a more universal boot method.     ..if I recall correctly.
And has the iso patch made it into the grub sources?

"  * delete a few big packages to make space for xen stuff

Deleting openoffice would more than suffice.  Having a desktop is great
for the demo so I would keep kde.


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