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RE: [Xen-devel] more on current pull

> When you run "xend start", you should see a bridge device being
> created (xen-br0), and the IP address and routes that previously
> were set up for eth0 being transferred to xen-br0. Doing the
> transfer is necessary because of an oddity in the Linux bridge
> code.

How can I stop this behaviour? I set up my own bridges in
/etc/network/interfaces eg:

auto br0
iface br0 inet static
  bridge_ports eth0
  up sleep 10 && ifconfig eth0 promisc

(that last line is because of a bug in the tlan network driver re:
promisc mode - I've sent a patch to the lkml but it's so far just been

And i'd much rather xend not create the bridge for me. Imho, it is not
xend's place to create the bridge, just to add vif's to bridges, and it
would muck up firewall rules that rely on interface specifications if on
boot the interface is eth0 then later on xen-br0.

Other things that might break on changing interfaces midstream are:
static routes

I understand that xend doing this means that it 'just works' for anyone
trying out xen with a reasonably standard config, but it's just a pain
for me.

Any ideas?



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