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Re: [Xen-devel] more on current pull

> > When you run "xend start", you should see a bridge device being
> > created (xen-br0), and the IP address and routes that previously
> > were set up for eth0 being transferred to xen-br0. Doing the
> > transfer is necessary because of an oddity in the Linux bridge
> > code.
> How can I stop this behaviour? I set up my own bridges in
> /etc/network/interfaces eg:
> And i'd much rather xend not create the bridge for me. Imho, it is not
> xend's place to create the bridge, just to add vif's to bridges, and it
> would muck up firewall rules that rely on interface specifications if on
> boot the interface is eth0 then later on xen-br0.

Yep, if you've got a complicated setup you certainly don't want
xend messing with it.

If you've already got everything setup how you want before xend
starts, then just edit /etc/xen/xend-config.sxp to set:
 (network-script /bin/true)  

Thus, it won't execute /etc/xen/network at all.

You might find some of the stuff in /etc/xen/network useful, in
which case rename it and edit it to suit.

/etc/xen/network is just there to help out the majority of people
who have one physical interface and a single bridge and want
things working straight out of the box.


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