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Re: [Xen-devel] compile fixes for mini-os

> > Personally I dislike the warnings GCC emits when it's placed in
> > super-anal mode. I would never take fixes for Xen or Xenolinux to stop
> > those warnings since I think GCC should be run with a more permissive
> > set of options.
> I admit that many of the options are just plain annoying. However, in
> one instance you were casting away volatile, which could get you in
> trouble.

Hmmm... volatile generally gets sprinkled round like magic dust. I'm
not convinced it's usually needed.

> There are more mundane problems that could cause issues, such
> as signed/unsigned comparisons. I would argue that you might as well
> never use the const qualifier if you're just going to cast it away in
> most cases. In addition you frequently do pointer arithmetic with void
> pointers, you're just relying on the compiler to know that you really
> mean char pointer. The changes to inline usage are neccessary to get
> the code to compile at all with -ansi.

I'll give the fixes a look - probably when I get back to Cambridge in
teh middle of next week. I'll probably take them all for the mini-os -
I'll have a think about whether any of the warning options should be
added to Xen as well.

 -- Keir

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