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Re: [Xen-devel] Errors Starting Domains

> We have tried granting and not granting partitions with physical grant, but
> that doesn't seem to make a difference.

Edit the /etc/fstab so that it uses an explicit device for root
rather than LABEL=

You'll need to do e.g.:
physical grant -phda2 -w  
(if you're using hda2 as the root for the new domain)

> We have also tried using xenctl partitions add to let Xen know more about
> the partitions we have on disk. 

You won't need to use "partitions add" unless you're using
virtual disks. In principle, "partitions add" _formats_ a
partition for use in storing virtual disks, but luckily it
doesn't actually modify the partition until you actually create
and use a virtual disk in it.

> Also, we tried making the logs (the .tex files) in the bk /docs folder and
> there doesn't seem to be any text in there besides the headings. Is there a
> problem with these documents or are we doing something wrong?

Work in (slow) progress...


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