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Re: [Xen-devel] Physical grant error

> If we run the xen-mynewdom script, we get the following error from the
> physical grant command.
> warning: state file not found [/var/lib/xen/vdstate.xml]
> Partition /dev/hda2 (resolved to /dev/hda2) does not exist.
> /dev/hda2 is our root partition for Redhat.  Is this supposed to be the
> same partition?

The first warning about the state file can safely be ignored.

I think the second message may be due to an old bug in the tools
-- try '-phda2' (removing /dev)
[I presume /dev/hda2 is where you have installed your second
distribution -- make sure you don't mount the same partition r/w
twice otherwise thew filesystem will be destroyed!]

> Couldn't find matching filesyste: LABEL=/boot
> *** An error occurred during the file system check.
> *** Dropping you to a shell: the system will reboot
> *** when you leave the shell.
> Give root password for maintenance

Can you edit /etc/fstab so that it names a device (/dev/hda2)
rather than using the LABEL=, which (I presume) is a devfs
feature. The standard xenolinux kernel does not have devfs built,
and I suspect it will need a one line patch to make it work for a
root filesystem.

> We're also not sure how we communicate to the domain once it's started.
> We think (possibly) that if it starts up successfully you telnet into it,
> but otherwise it looks like there's no way to give it the root password.

Currently, the only way to communicate with a domain is over the
network (either the real one, or the virtual internal one), hence
you must be running a network service like sshd or inetd/telnetd.

Full bidirectional console support will likely be in 1.2.
> Also, is this error related to the fsck error mentioned earlier?

I don't recall any fsck related error, other than the 'hang
during fsck' bug that turned out to be specific to Dell PERC RAID
3d/i (aacraid) controllers and traced to a hardware bug (its
repeatable on Linux).


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