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[Xen-devel] (no subject)

Thanks for the reply--

> I think the second message may be due to an old bug in the tools
> -- try '-phda2' (removing /dev)
> [I presume /dev/hda2 is where you have installed your second
> distribution -- make sure you don't mount the same partition r/w
> twice otherwise thew filesystem will be destroyed!]

This part is a little confusing...  Does this mean we needed to have a
completely separate partition for xenolinux?  The install script didn't
seem to imply that we needed to move all the files it built into a new
partition for xenolinux to use.  Although it does make sense.

So just to be absolutely certain before we start some formatting--does
xenolinux have to have its root on a partition that the original Redhat
and Xen don't use?  And if so, what files go into that partition?


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