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Re: [Xen-devel] virtual domain partial boot then crash

Ian Pratt wrote:

<snip />
OK, here's the new status.  The guest no longer dies a mysterious death but 
does crash about the time it tries to set the hardware clock.  Following is a 
partial output from the guest.

My suspicion is that failing to set the hw clock isn't the real

During bootup of the host machine I see complaints about the char-major-10-135 device 
(rtc).  I wonder if there is some connection?  Just in case I added the line "alias 
char-major-10-135 rtc" to /etc/modules.conf and will see if that solves the problem 
or at least silences the complaint.

Does the domain still show up in 'domain list'? Is it still

Yes to both.

BTW: what distribution is this?

xenolinux-1.1.bk on RedHat9.0 standard edition.

Can you see what comes after setting the hwclock in
/etc/rc.sysinit ? (you can # out the /sbin/clock line to verify
my prior hypothesis)
I commented out the /sbin/hwclock line in rc.sysinit and the guest now boots.  
I can ping and ssh to the guest; execute commands, etc.  It seems completely 
functional now.  Yaaaay!

Oddly, I have xen_read_console running but the output from the guest still disappears 
about the same place in the boot sequence (somewhere around the "Init").

The guest's /var/log/messages file shows no errors although when booting the 
xenconsole does receive complaints from rc.sysinit about no such /dev/ttyN, but 
I believe those to be harmless.

Thanks to Ian and Greg for their input and to all the Xen contributors for a 
great project.

Mike Wright

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