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Re: [Xen-devel] virtual domain partial boot then crash

> I commented out the /sbin/hwclock line in rc.sysinit and the
> guest now boots.  I can ping and ssh to the guest; execute
> commands, etc.  It seems completely functional now.  Yaaaay!

Great! I now recall that someone else had problems with hwclock
hanging the boot process. I don't fully understand why, because
for us the error messages just seem harmless and the boot

I'll have a think about what the best way of solving this
is. Perhaps we should implement a dummy version of the rtc driver
just to keep it happy...
> Oddly, I have xen_read_console running but the output from the
> guest still disappears about the same place in the boot
> sequence (somewhere around the "Init").

My guess is that this is just a /etc/syslog.conf issue, and
the messages aren't being sent to /dev/console

The whole console stuff is in the process of changing in the
unstable tree anyhow -- rather than implementing a tty, we're
going to implement a bidirectional console as a new serial
device. This should make life rather easier. Also, we're going to
present the console to domain 0 using a new event mechanism, so
there's no problem with people accidentally firewalling off other
domain's console as often happens at the moment.

> The guest's /var/log/messages file shows no errors although when booting the 
> xenconsole does receive complaints from rc.sysinit about no such /dev/ttyN, 
> but I believe those to be harmless.

They should be harmless. Again, I guess we could implement dummy
ttys, but this might cause more confusion.

> Thanks to Ian and Greg for their input and to all the Xen contributors for a 
> great project.



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