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Re: [Xen-devel] virtual domain partial boot then crash

> Doh! Thanks, Ian.  I knew about the -w.  Must've been a long day.  That 
> allowed it to move into the "Init" stage of the boot process.


> > All of this is rather clearer with the new tools in the unstable
> > tree. Expect a 1.2 release fairly soon...
> > 
> I'm not that uncomfortable with the command line tools, but, aaargh, I don't 
> know python yet. :(

Our view was that the current "xenctl" was unsalvageable -- it was
pretty dumb and didn't really have persistent state or sanity
checks, but was complicated enough to obfuscate what was actually
going on and hence confuse its users.

We've replaced the xi_* tools with a C library and created a
python wrapper for it. It's now possible to write relatively
simple scripts that set up and control domains (e.g. enabling
reboots etc.)  They're rather longer than the old xenctl xml and
scripts, but at least its possible to see what's going on.

There's currently no new high-level tool, but when we get around
to doing that we'll do it properly and use a database back end.

I'm afraid that the Virtual Disk management tool that was part of
the old xenctl is currently missing and hasn't been replaced
(it requires persistent state). Not many people use this, so its
probably not a disaster. It would be nice if someone volunteered
to write a replacement...

> OK, here's the new status.  The guest no longer dies a mysterious death but 
> does crash about the time it tries to set the hardware clock.  Following is a 
> partial output from the guest.

My suspicion is that failing to set the hw clock isn't the real

Does the domain still show up in 'domain list'? Is it still

BTW: what distribution is this?

Can you see what comes after setting the hwclock in
/etc/rc.sysinit ? (you can # out the /sbin/clock line to verify
my prior hypothesis) 

Can you add some debug output e.g. with "logger".


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