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Re: [Xen-devel] problem with booting

Dave Berlin wrote:
We have read the readme and have been following it step by step. We’ve come across a problem when booting into xen using grub. When selecting Xen from the grub loader, we get the message “DOM0 refused to load, Aieee!” (or something to that effect)

We have tried using the suggested menu.lst, and have also tried replacing the root=/dev/sda4 with root=/dev/hda1 and root=/dev/hda2, the names of the root and boot partitions respectively.

Hi Dave,

I suspect the problem may be having /boot as a separate partition from / 
(root).  If you have only one hard disk drive and it is BIOS IDE Primary Master 
the following GRUB settings may work.

title Xen / XenoLinux 2.4.22

        # set the reference point (root) to /dev/hda2 (the boot partition);
       root (hd0,1)

        # now, boot the xen kernel;
       kernel /boot/xen.gz dom0_mem=100000 hoht nosmp noreboot

        # next, we'll let xen boot xenolinux.  It must know where the base of 
        # filesystem is so we pass the kernel the location of the root 
partition (/)
       module /boot/xenolinux.gz root=/dev/hda1 ro console=xencons0 
console=tty0 DOMID=0

This may work.  It might be easier to place the boot directory in the root 
partition until everything is working and then, if for whatever reason, you 
want to move the /boot directory to its own partition you'll have had something 
against which to compare.

Something I learned the hard way but that has been very helpful to me is to 
create a GRUB boot floppy.  Once booted from that, GRUB provides a command line 
interface so that you may try the command lines one by one.  As you enter the 
commands individually you will receive each's output individually.

That helped me home in on my boot problems, and may help you.

Best of luck,
Mike Wright

Do you have any suggestions on things to check for? Xen.gz and xenolinux.gz are both in the /boot directory, and the xen kernel seems to start.

Thanks in advance,

-Dave Berlin,

 Jeremy Chiu.

 Jefferson Ng

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