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Re: [Xen-devel] unstable or 1.1rc? ReiserFS?

> The kernel might, but there's no ext3 tools (like mkfs.ext3) in the
> distribution.  This is with the "install everything" option on x86
> SuSE, from a boxed CD set, but I'm not sure now whether it was the
> last 8.x version or 9.

If you have tune2fs you can always do "tune2fs -j /dev/hda3" to
turn an ext2 fs into an ext3 by adding a journal.

OK, I guess there's a consensus that having reiserfs in the
default config is a good thing. I'll check it in to unstable.
> BTW, I'm not blaming SuSE for the problems with Xen....it just
> seems that the Xen developers are mostly using RH and variants,
> and might have made some assumptions that don't work with SuSE.
> I'm not blaming the developers either.  I'm not blaming anyone,
> just "stating facts" (as Spock would say).

I'm keen we get to the bottom of this. Any chance one of you
could do the following: Do an out-of-the-box SuSE install into a
single partition, reboot onto another partition, mount and tar
up the SuSE file system (tar jcpf), then make it available for me
to download. I'll then pull it and take a look. 


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