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Re: [Xen-devel] unstable or 1.1rc? ReiserFS?

On Wed, Nov 19, 2003 at 02:17:40PM -0500, Chris Mason wrote:
> On Wed, 2003-11-19 at 13:39, Gregory Newby wrote:
> > Two quickies for the Xen developers:
> > 
> > 1. Are you putting code changes into both the 1.1rc and
> > -unstable code base?  If not, which one is getting all
> > the patches that Bin and others have been applying?
> > 
> > 2. Awhile ago, I thought that Kurt added ReiserFS support
> > by default to the Xen kernel (2.4.22 tree's .config).  This
> > doesn't seem to be there now, but I'd like to urge you to consider
> > adding it by default.  It doesn't add much size to the kernel
> > image, and seems like a no-brainer to enable.
> > 
> > I want to go and hit someone at RedHat over the head with
> > a cluebat for not enabling ReiserFS, and take the 
> > same cluebat to someone at SuSE for not enabling ext3.
> Haven't tried the RH kernel for reiserfs, but SUSE definitely supports
> ext3.
> -chris

The kernel might, but there's no ext3 tools (like mkfs.ext3) in the
distribution.  This is with the "install everything" option on x86
SuSE, from a boxed CD set, but I'm not sure now whether it was the
last 8.x version or 9.

BTW, I'm not blaming SuSE for the problems with Xen....it just
seems that the Xen developers are mostly using RH and variants,
and might have made some assumptions that don't work with SuSE.
I'm not blaming the developers either.  I'm not blaming anyone,
just "stating facts" (as Spock would say).
  -- Greg

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