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Re: [Xen-devel] Console access

On Sun, 2003-11-16 at 13:11, Steven Hand wrote:

>  - the unstable tree has limited 'backward compatability' with the 
>    old vbd management interface; in particular 'physical grant' should
>    work but none of the other stuff (list etc) will work when invoked 
>    from xenctl. Sorry for not posting about this and saving people hassle; 
>    I was assuming (incorrectly!) that only local folks were using unstable.

Will upgrading vbd's from Xen 1.1 -> 1.2 be seamless ?

>  - if you want to play with more interesting setups you can try the 
>    xi_* tools (vbd_create, _add, _remove, _destroy, _list, _info) 
>  - xenctl will almost certainly /not/ be the chosen tool for management 
>    in the new world... however if there's considerable buy-in we can 
>    probably manage to keep partial support for it. 

Good idea... already I don't like it.  My main complaint is that
whenever trying to run a simply command it takes forever and uses all
CPU since it invokes Java.  Could be written just as easily in
Perl/Python and be much faster :)

> W.r.t. the problem with hdf1, can you post the output of the log from 
> xenolinux when it boots (if you have it available?). The log from xen 
> booting would also be useful.

No serial console so no logs. I did try xeno-unstable and it panics on
boot on process swapper.  I'll see if I can find a serial cable around
here somewhere..

> cheers, 
> S.
Matt Ayres <matta@xxxxxxxxxxxx>



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