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Re: [Xen-devel] xen and sshd

>Here is what I am currently doing:
>1)       Login
>2)       dhclient
>3)       mv /etc/xenctl.xml-publicip /etc/xenctl.xml
>4)       xenctl domain new -4<> -g<> -m<>

Just after the above try "xen_nat_enable; xen_read_console &"; hopefully
this will allow you to see the console messages from the new domain as 
it starts up, and hence to observe if sshd gets started.

>5)       xenctl domain start -n1
>6)       then I try to ssh into the domain and I get a connection refused
>message. I can ping it so I do believe it is up, I just think sshd is not

Is sshd configure to start at the relevant runlevel on the root filesystem 
of the new domain? I.e. what does "ckconfig --list sshd" produce if that 
filesystem is root (via e.g. chroot or booting explicitly with it as root)? 





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