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Re: [Xen-devel] Console access

>> Do you mind me asking an estimated ETA for the new vbd interface?
>> (weeks, months, ..)
>> I was looking to start using Xen within a week, but if one of the key
>> features I plan on using a lot is going to be redone I may as well just
>> wait.
>The new vbd interface is already there, up to the xi_* tools
>level. There's a bit more finessing needed down in Xen I think, but
>nothing very major.
>Depending on how complex you want your vbd configurations to be, you
>could quite easily add some alloc/dealloc/manage-vbd scripts on top of
>xi_vbd_create and xi_vbd_add.
>I'm not sure how long it will take to get our own higher-level tools
>sorted. It's top of our todo list, so it should start coming together
>in the next few weeks.

Just to add / clarify: 

 - the unstable tree has limited 'backward compatability' with the 
   old vbd management interface; in particular 'physical grant' should
   work but none of the other stuff (list etc) will work when invoked 
   from xenctl. Sorry for not posting about this and saving people hassle; 
   I was assuming (incorrectly!) that only local folks were using unstable.

 - if you want to play with more interesting setups you can try the 
   xi_* tools (vbd_create, _add, _remove, _destroy, _list, _info) 

 - xenctl will almost certainly /not/ be the chosen tool for management 
   in the new world... however if there's considerable buy-in we can 
   probably manage to keep partial support for it. 

W.r.t. the problem with hdf1, can you post the output of the log from 
xenolinux when it boots (if you have it available?). The log from xen 
booting would also be useful.





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