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Re: [Xen-devel] kernel boots. filesystem troubles.

> - But these did not mount, and I don't know why (my other FS' are
> commented out in /etc/fstab):
> /dev/sdb1               /tmp            reiserfs        defaults 0 0
> /dev/sdc2               /globus         reiserfs        defaults 0 0
> /dev/sdh1               /home           reiserfs        defaults 0 0
> /dev/sdm1               /data/web02files        reiserfs        defaults 0 0

Are these all attached to the same SCSI card as sda? 

One possibility is that you're probably entering new territory by
trying to access any SCSI disc other than sda. It's possible that
something in Xen's SCSI code is broken -- the non-sda case may never
have been tested.
In this case what's really needed is serial line output, and perhaps
some extra tracing in Xen.

I may test this out myself tomorrow -- we have machines that can
handle multiple SCSI discs, but I think we've only ever booted with
one connected (or, at least, we've only ever mounted from partitions
on the first SCSI disc).

 -- Keir

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