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Re: [Xen-devel] Re: Xen V1.1 release candidate

> So I compile new xen and xenolinux images with the matching tools and I have
> some troubles. When I boot the first time with new kernels, the boot frozen
> after enabling the Real Time Clock Driver. So I removed it from the kernel and
> everything went fine. I don't know if this driver is a problem. I will make a
> new try with "Enhanced Real Time Clock Support" enable in the kernel...

Odd. I haven't seen it hang with the RTC driver, but there's
known to be an issue here which is under investigation

> Another problem occures when I try to start a new domain. I receive a kernel
> panic during the boot. I use the following /etc/xenctl.xml file:

Looks like you need to edit /etc/xen-mynewdom to grant read/write
physical access to hda5. e.g. "physical grant -phda5 -w"

Also, you probably want root_args to be "ro" in your
/etc/xenctl.xml to avoid complaints by fsck.

The interface to the tools isn't very user friendly at present,
and we're hoping to fix this...


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