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Re: [Xen-devel] Re: Xen V1.1 release candidate

Selon Keir Fraser <Keir.Fraser@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> What version of the BK repository are you using (i.e. the top
> changeset if you do 'bk sccslog | head' in root directory of
> repository).

So I restart the compilation with freshly download xeno and everything works
fine now. Is there an ftp site where I can download source? I ask that because
my firewall blocks all ports (except http, ssh and ftp) and the access to http
is controled (in term of quantities to be downloaded). 

zepto:/home/guill/xeno/xeno-1.1.bk# bk sccslog | head
  1.538 03/11/05 09:07:18 kaf24@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx +2 -0
  xen_log.c, time.c:
    Bug fixes. minios should work again now.

  1.537 03/10/31 16:39:05 kaf24@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx +2 -0
  current.h, entry.S:
    Correct stack arithmetic when esp is not a multiple of 4 (eg. in the middle
of skanky pcibios code).

I build the system starting by a make in xen directory, after that I build tools
and finally I build xenolinux using : make xconfig ARCH=xeno && make dep && make
bzImage ARCH=xeno && make modules ARCH=xeno && make modules_install

Everything compiled, so I installed all stuff and now everything works. So the
previous troubles maybe came from mistmach between xen versions and tools

Now I will test it and try to understand internals maybe for porting it on IA64.

Thank you very much for your help and for your quick answers.


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