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[PATCH v4] tools/libs/store: cleanup libxenstore interface

Juergen Gross writes ("[PATCH v4] tools/libs/store: cleanup libxenstore 
> There are some internals in the libxenstore interface which should be
> removed.

Thanks.  And sorry for not reviewing this sooner.

> Move those functions into xs_lib.c and the related definitions into
> xs_lib.h. Remove the functions from the mapfile. Add xs_lib.o to
> xenstore_client as some of the internal functions are needed there.
> Bump the libxenstore version to 4.0 as the change is incompatible.
> Note that the removed functions should not result in any problem as
> they ought to be used by xenstored or xenstore_client only.

I am happy with the API and ABI changes.

The situation with the expanding buffer functions (which I think is
the only thing you are moving?) is unfortunate.  We have some more of
similar code in libxl.  And probably elsewhere in the codebase.  It
would be nice to make them shared but I think that is a task for
another day.

The sanitise value functions should perhaps be exposed with more
enssible names ?

I think this was more difficult to review than it needed to be
particularly because of the mixture of code motion with other

Anyway, thanks for cleaning this up.  All evidence to the contrary, it
*is* appreciated.

Reviewed-by: Ian Jackson <iwj@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>




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