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Re: Linux DomU freezes and dies under heavy memory shuffling

On Wed, Feb 24, 2021 at 08:30:45PM -0800, Roman Shaposhnik wrote:
> Right -- but that's not what distro builders use, right? I mean they do
> the whole sdeb -> deb business.
> In fact, to stay as faithful as possible -- I'd love to:
>    1. unpack SDEB
>    2. add a single patch to the set of sources
>    3. repack SDEB back
>    4. do whatever it is they do to go SDEB -> DEB

Oh, that close to the original distribution package.  For
Debian-derivatives, install the package "dpkg-dev".

Generally the distribution will have a page somewhere where you can get
the files, but often it is handiest to run `apt-get source <package>` (I
believe `apt source <package>` also works, but I'm used to `apt-get`).
This will grab the tarballs for the source and unpack them.

Go into the unpacked directory and run `dpkg-buildpackage -b`
(optionally, patch first).  This creates the package in the starting

The tarballs left behind in the starting directory can be nuked or saved.
If saved, the build directory can be recreated by running
`dpkg-source -x <src-package-name>_<ver>.dsc`.  This lets you reset the
build directory to original state.

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