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Re: Linux DomU freezes and dies under heavy memory shuffling

On Wed, Feb 24, 2021 at 07:06:25PM -0800, Roman Shaposhnik wrote:
> I'm slightly confused about this patch -- it seems to me that it needs
> to be applied to the guest kernel, correct?
> If that's the case -- the challenge I have is that I need to re-build
> the Canonical (Ubuntu) distro kernel with this patch -- this seems
> a bit daunting at first (I mean -- I'm pretty good at rebuilding kernels
> I just never do it with the vendor ones ;-)).
> So... if there's anyone here who has any suggestions on how to do that
> -- I'd appreciate pointers.

Generally Debian-derivatives ship the kernel source they use as packages
named "linux-source-<major>.<minor>" (guessing you need
linux-source-5.4?).  They ship their configurations as packages
"linux-config-<major>.<minor>", but they also ship their configuration
with their kernels as /boot/config-<version>.

If you're trying to create a proper packaged kernel, the Linux kernel
Make target "bindeb-pkg" will create an appropriate .deb file.

If you wish to extract a Debian package, they're some tarballs and a
marker file wrapped in a ar archive.  You're likely interested in
control.tar.?z* and data.tar.?z*.  Older packages used gzip-format
(.tar.gz), newer packages use xz-format (.tar.xz).

If you want to extract current Ubuntu kernel source on a different
distribution (or even an unrelated flavor of Unix), likely you would
want `ar p linux-source-5.4.deb data.tar.xz | unxz -c | tar -xf -`.

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