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Re: [PATCH v20210209 4/4] xl: disable --debug option for xl migrate

Olaf Hering writes ("[PATCH v20210209 4/4] xl: disable --debug option for xl 
> xl migrate --debug used to track every pfn in every batch of pages.
> Since commit cfa955591caea5d7ec505cdcbf4442f2d6e889e1 from Xen 4.6 the
> debug flag changed meaning from "verify transferred memory during live
> migration" to "verify transferred memory in remus/colo". At least xl
> will not be able to trigger execution of the verifying code in
> send_domain_memory_live anymore.
> Remove "--debug" from "xl migrate -h" output.
> Remove "--debug" from from xl man page.
> Do not send "-d" as potential option for "xl migrate-receive" anymore.
> Do not pass the flag LIBXL_SUSPEND_DEBUG anymore to libxl_domain_suspend.
> Continue to recognize "--debug" as valid option for "xl migrate".
> Continue to recognize "-d" as valid option for "xl migrate-receive".

It seems to me that something is definitely a bug here but I want to
understand from Andy what the best thing to do is.  I'm hesitant to
release-ack removing this at this stage.

Wouldn't it be better to just fix the docs like in your previously
suggested patch ?

Also, Olaf, please CC Andy on these migration-related patches.




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